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Mechanical/Plumbing - RESIDENTIAL ONLY
Installation of gas furnace



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Paid Fees Amount Paid Owing Date Paid
Online Plumbing And Mechanical Base Fee $59.55 $59.55 Paid 10/27/2017
Outstanding Fees Amount Paid Owing Date Paid
No outstanding fees.

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Inspection Outcome Requested Scheduled Date Inspected
Hot Water Tank Or Furnace Inspection Failed 11/28/2017 11/28/2017
Shannon King ((253) 840-6684)
Carbon Monoxide Detectors Inspection Failed 11/28/2017 11/28/2017
Shannon King ((253) 840-6684)
Gas Test Inspection Failed 11/28/2017 11/28/2017
Shannon King ((253) 840-6684)
Hot Water Tank Or Furnace Inspection VOID 12/10/2021
Legacy user
Carbon Monoxide Detectors Inspection VOID 12/10/2021
Legacy user


Condition Status Department Category Expiration Date Due Date
General Permit Conditions Resolved Building Division Standard Conditions
: * Final approval by the Building Official is required prior to use or occupancy. * Work shall not proceed until the inspector has approved the stages of construction. * Surface storm water shall be diverted from the building site and shall not drain onto adjacent properties. * I hereby acknowledge that I have read this Permit/Application, that the information given is correct; that I am the owner or the duly authorized agent of the owner; that plans submitted herewith are in compliance with all applicable city, county and state laws and that all construction will proceed in accordance with said laws. This permit shall expire if work is not commenced with 180 days or if the work is suspended for a period of 180 days. Permits expire two years from issuance. * By leaving the contractor information section blank, I hereby certify further that contractors (general or subcontractors) will not be hired to perform any work in association with this permit. I also certify that if I do choose to hire a contractor (general or subcontractor) I will only hire those contractors that are licensed by the State of Washington. * TO SCHEDULE INSPECTIONS, CHECK PERMIT STATUS OR TO MAKE PAYMENTS ON THE CITY WEB SITE VISIT
Mechanical and Plumbing OTC Conditions Resolved Building Division Standard Conditions
: Call the inspection line at 1-877-232-6456 to schedule inspections. Use the Permit ID located at the top left of the permit when prompted for Permit ID. The City attemtps to honor the AM/PM reqested inspection, but can not guarntee that service. Please call Monty - East of Meridian at 253-770-3326 or Shannon - West of Meridian at 253-840-6684 before 8:30 AM on the day of inspection for inspection request information. FURNACE AND/OR HOT WATER TANK 2415 GAS TEST 2422 HOT WATER TANK OR FURNACE 2820 FINAL MECHANICAL 2825 FINAL PLUMBING 2925 COMMENT Permit notes and conditions 1) Provide carbon monoxide alarm per (W.A.C. 51-51-0315) 2) Provide install instructions for equipment at time of inspection. 3) Provide min. 1" clearance to combustibles at b-vent of mechanical equipment. 4) Provide electrical final prior to mechanical final. 5) Provide duct test report at time of mechanical final. 6) Mechanical equipment located in garage or carport shall be protected from impact by automobiles. (LR.C. section m1307.3) 7) Provide sediment trap as per install instructions. 8) Provide combustion air per IRC chapter 17. 9) Provide expansion talk at hot water heater. (U.P.C. section 608.3) 10) Provide drain pan for water heater per U.P.C. 508.4 11) Provide water heater pressure relief valve per U.P.C. 608.3 12) Water heater shall be strapped or anchored due to earth quake motion .. (U.P.C.508.2) 13) Seal all penetrations in garage firewall. 14) Provide elevation of 2 feet above natural grade in flood zones AO or 1 foot above base flood elevation in other flood zones.

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