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1019 39TH AVE SE
SEPA Standalone
SEPA Standalone



Review Type Outcome Est. Completion Date Completed
Building Review Approved 11/24/2021
Building Review Approved 11/18/2021
Building Review Approved 05/05/2021
Building Review Approved 04/05/2021


Paid Fees Amount Paid Owing Date Paid
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Outstanding Fees Amount Paid Owing Date Paid
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Condition Status Department Category Expiration Date Due Date
Miscellaneous SEPA Condition Open Development & Permitting Services SEPA Condition
: Traffic Mitigation: 1. The existing eastern-most driveway on 39th Avenue SE will be required to limit turning movements to right-in, right-out only. 2. Signage, a raised channelization device, and striping will likely be required to assure left turns into and out of the site cannot circumvent the restriction.
Miscellaneous SEPA Condition Open Development & Permitting Services SEPA Condition
: Environmental Health Mitigation: 1. Based on TCE concentrations identified at this Site (1,270 micrograms per liter at monitoring well EXW-5; collected on 1/24/17 - applicable cleanup level is 5 micrograms per liter) Ecology is concerned about acute risk posed by TCE to female occupants or workers of child-bearing age at this location. Prior to commencing this project, a vapor intrusion evaluation shall be completed per Ecology’s Vapor Intrusion (VI) Investigations and Short-term Trichloroethene (TCE) Toxicity Implementation Memorandum No. 22 to evaluate if there is an acute risk posed by TCE at this Site. 2. Testing shall be limited to the project site limits and the results shall be forwarded to Ecology and the City of Puyallup for review before the site construction permits will be approved. 3. If testing does not reveal hazardous substances, including but not limited to those noted above, then no further action will be required in order for the construction of the parking lot to proceed. 4. If testing reveals hazardous substances, then cleanup of contaminated medium within the project limits shall be completed before parking lot paving is installed.

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