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Clarks Creek Elodea Management
SEPA Standalone
SEPA Standalone
Clarks Creek Elodea Removal project. This application is to continue the annual removal of Elodea from Clarks Creek in accordance the Clarks Creek Sediment and Dissolved Oxygen TMDL Water Quality Improvement plan using Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) methods. This effort is a joint effort coordinated with Pierce County per a 5-Year interagency agreement. The City of Puyallup will be assuming lead agency status for the SEPA review. All permitting for activities taking place within Piece County are concurrently being permitted through their appropriate offices. The continued Elodea removal is expected to begin in 2024, following water turbidity monitoring in Clarks Creek and consultation with the Puyallup Tribe of Indians to re-evaluate Elodea control alternatives.



Review Type Outcome Est. Completion Date Completed
Planning Review Revisions Required 05/08/2023 04/10/2023
External Agency Review No Response 05/08/2023 04/10/2023
Engineering Review No Comments 05/08/2023 04/07/2023
Engineering Traffic Review No Comments 05/08/2023 03/31/2023
Fire Review No Comments 05/08/2023 03/30/2023
Building Review No Comments 05/08/2023 03/09/2023


Paid Fees Amount Paid Owing Date Paid
SEPA Site Plan Fee $570.00 $570.00 Paid 02/07/2023
Outstanding Fees Amount Paid Owing Date Paid
No outstanding fees.

Application(s) will not be processed until outstanding fees have been paid in full.



There are no hearings for this planning application.


Condition Status Department Category Expiration Date Due Date
Sign Posted On Site Open Planning Division
: Public notice sign must be posted on site in a publically visible location.
Signed Affidavit Open Planning Division
: Signed Affidavit must be provided.

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