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43rd Ave. Multi-Family
Preliminary Site Plan
Preliminary Site Plan
Proposed 4-story apartment building on a 1.67 acre site in the RM-Core zone with 58 units, 76 parking stalls, and open space/recreation areas. Project will include storm water improvements, landscaping, new street improvements and utilities. Project is subject to Downtown Design Review Guidelines and review and approval by the city Design Review Board.





Review Type Outcome Est. Completion Date Completed
Planning Review Revisions Required 04/22/2022 05/12/2022
Fire Review Revisions Required 04/22/2022 05/10/2022
Engineering Review Revisions Required 04/22/2022 05/06/2022
Engineering Traffic Review Revisions Required 04/22/2022 05/05/2022
Building Review No Comments 04/22/2022 04/20/2022


Paid Fees Amount Paid Owing Date Paid
SEPA Checklist Fee (with planning permit) $250.00 $250.00 Paid 02/28/2022
Preliminary Site Plan Fee $1,890.00 $1,890.00 Paid 02/28/2022
Critical Area Report (With or Without SEPA Checklist) $160.00 $160.00 Paid 02/28/2022
Traffic Impact Analysis (With SEPA Checklist) Fee $160.00 $160.00 Paid 02/28/2022
Outstanding Fees Amount Paid Owing Date Paid
No outstanding fees.

Application(s) will not be processed until outstanding fees have been paid in full.



There are no hearings for this planning application.


Condition Status Department Category Expiration Date Due Date
Sign Posted On Site Resolved Planning Division
: Sign Posted On Site must be provided.
Signed Affidavit Resolved Planning Division
: Signed Affidavit must be provided.

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PRAMR20221458 Closed Alternative Methods / Materials Request
P-21-0022 File Closed Pre-Application
PLDDG20220017 Canceled Downtown Design Review

Documents & Images

Date Uploaded File Type Name
05/12/2022 Other 35043 Certificate of Water Availability Letter 2021-12-28 (Flattened)
05/12/2022 Other Wetland Preliminary Assessment (Flattened)
05/12/2022 Drawing Landscape Plan L-A-01 (Flattened)
05/12/2022 Form 43rd Ave Apartments-Puyallup Scoping-12-15-21 (Flattened)
05/12/2022 Form 43rd Ave SW Multi-Family SEPA checklist 02-16-2022 (Flattened)
05/12/2022 Report Geotech Report (Flattened)
05/12/2022 Study 35043 Preliminary Storm Drainage Report 2022-02-10 (Flattened)
05/12/2022 Plans 2022-01-21 43rd Avenue Apartments - Design Review Conceptuals (Flattened)
05/12/2022 Form 35043 Signed Preliminary Site Plan Application 2022-02-10 (Flattened)
05/12/2022 Form 35043 Signed Critical Area Identification Form 2022-02-17 (Flattened)
02/28/2022 Receipt Receipt for transaction: 2022-000360
02/28/2022 Receipt (20)
03/08/2022 Letter Application Accepted Letter
03/09/2022 PLPSP20220016 NOA Map 400ft
03/15/2022 PLPSP20220016 Vicinity Map
03/15/2022 Letter NOA Legal Notice to TNT (Generate Legal Notice to TNT)
03/15/2022 Letter NOA Site Posting Template (Print Site Posting Sign)
03/15/2022 Letter Notice of Application Mailer (Generate Surrounding Owner Notice)
03/18/2022 PLPSP20220016 TNT Legal Ad Published 031722
03/18/2022 PLPSP20220016 NOA Squaxin Island Tribe Comment 03182022
03/22/2022 PLPSP20220016 NOA Nisqually Indian Tribe Comments 03222022
03/22/2022 PLPSP20220016 NOA Puyallup Tribe of Indians Comment 03222022
03/23/2022 PLPSP20220016 NOA Public Comment - Vaneda Stonack 03172022
03/24/2022 PLPSP20220016 NOA Public Comment Puyallup School District 03232022
04/06/2022 PLPSP20220016 NOA Public Comment - Bruce Wasson 04062022
04/07/2022 INCLUDE WITH DRT #1 | Confluence Russell&Associates CAR review letter_032922
04/07/2022 PLPSP20220016 NOA Public Comment TPCHD 03292022
04/07/2022 PLPSP20220016 NOA Public Comment - Steve Alldridge 03292022
04/07/2022 PLPSP20220016 NOA Sign Posted 03312022
04/07/2022 PLPSP20220016 NOA Department of Ecology Comment 03312022
04/12/2022 PLPSP20220016 – Tkach Wetlands and Geotech Landau Review Letter 4.12.2022
05/12/2022 Letter DRT Letter
05/12/2022 Landscape Plan Submittal 1 - Planning Redlines 05122022

Should you need assistance, please contact the Permit Center at (253) 864-4165 option 1.