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SR 167/I-5 to SR 161 – New Expressway Project (Stage 2 Project)
Shoreline Substantial Development Permit
Shoreline Substantial Development Permit
Waiting for Conditions
WSDOT is submitting this application for a shoreline substantial development permit (SSDP) to construct transportation improvements in the Puyallup River Urban Conservancy shoreline environment in the vicinity of the North Meridian Avenue and SR 512 bridges. These transportation improvements are a component of the SR 167/I-5 to SR 161 – New Expressway Project (Stage 2 Project), which is the third and final stage of the SR 167 Phase 1 Completion Project. See Project Description in Attachment 2 for detailed description of work.


SR 167/I-5 to SR 161


Documents Returned For Corrections

Date Returned Name
06/12/2023 Att_4_JARPAFigureExcerpts0 (Flattened)
Review Type Outcome Est. Completion Date Completed
Planning Review No Comments 10/04/2023 10/03/2023
Engineering Traffic Review No Comments 10/04/2023 09/29/2023
Building Review No Comments 10/04/2023 09/21/2023
Fire Review No Comments 10/04/2023 09/11/2023
Engineering Review No Comments 10/04/2023 08/30/2023
Planning Review Comments 06/02/2023 06/12/2023
Engineering Traffic Review Comments 06/02/2023 06/08/2023
Building Review No Comments 06/02/2023 05/31/2023
Engineering Review Revisions Required 06/02/2023 05/25/2023
External Agency Review No Comments 06/02/2023 04/14/2023
Fire Review No Comments 06/02/2023 04/11/2023


Paid Fees Amount Paid Owing Date Paid
Shoreline Permits Fee $2,080.00 $2,080.00 Paid 03/10/2023
Outstanding Fees Amount Paid Owing Date Paid
No outstanding fees.

Application(s) will not be processed until outstanding fees have been paid in full.



There are no hearings for this planning application.


Condition Status Department Category Expiration Date Due Date
Sign Posted On Site Resolved Planning Division
: Public notice sign must be posted on site in a publically visible location.
Signed Affidavit Resolved Planning Division
: Signed Affidavit must be provided.
Miscellaneous Condition Resolved Engineering Division
: SHORELINE APPLICATION SUBMITTALS • For the final version of the ‘Floodplain Impacts and Mitigation in the City of Puyallup’ report, verify and incorporate review comments as noted in the March 2023 draft report.
Miscellaneous Condition Resolved Engineering Division
: PERMITTING • Any portion of the proposed project that is outside WSDOT ROW limits and within the jurisdiction of the City of Puyallup will require a permit issued by the City Engineering Department. WSDOT, or the contractor obtaining the permit on behalf of WSDOT, will be required to post bonding, license, and insurance pursuant to Puyallup Municipal Code, Title 11. (NOTE: On the SR167 Puyallup River Bridge Replacement Project, a mutually agreed Construction Agreement was executed between WSDOT and the City as an alternative to the required bonding and insurance requirements of Title 11) • Refer to DRT Letter dated May 25, 2023 associated with Pre-Application PLPRE20220154, for additional criteria to be incorporated into any future City issued engineering permit. 8-30-23: NOTE TO FILE-This condition acknowledged by WSDOT in their Comment Response Letter dated August 21, 2023.
Miscellaneous Planning Condition Open Planning Division
: WSDOT will need to include a public education sign along the shared use path (SUP) that provides information about the river and/or the shoreline. As noted in WSDOT's comment response letter to DRT Letter #1, the sign will be located landward of existing paved surfaces in an area already proposed for Project Impacts where no additional critical area impacts or vegetation removal would occur.
Miscellaneous Planning Condition Open Planning Division
: Prepare and provide final geotechnical documentation upon submittal of City engineering permit applications to address the compliance with shoreline stabilization requirements found in the SMP Chapter 7, Section L.3 (c).
Miscellaneous Planning Condition Open Planning Division
: The final landscape plan must include landscaping coverage established with 65% native vegetation between permitted uses/structures and the OHWM to the extent feasible.
Miscellaneous Planning Condition Open Planning Division
: Vegetation removal within the stormwater outfall area shall be limited to the greatest extent possible. Up to two trees may be removed waterward of North Levee Road to allow for the outfall replacement. Trees that are removed are required to be replaced per SMP Chapter 7, Section L.3 (f).
Miscellaneous Planning Condition Open Planning Division
: All cut and fill slopes will be stabilized and plated with native grasses, pollinator-friendly plants, shrubs, and trees, where feasible (SMP Chapter 7 - N (3)(h))
Miscellaneous Planning Condition Open Planning Division
: The approved Shoreline Substantial Development Permit (PLSDP20230027) is for the original proposal and does NOT include the approval of the Levee Road realignment. If Levee Road realignment options are proposed in the future, then a separate shoreline permit will be acquired for that work.
Miscellaneous Condition Open Development & Permitting Services
: Floodplain review for project activities as proposed within this shoreline substantial development application (PLSDP20230027) that are located outside of WSDOT right-of-way and within the City of Puyallup and its shorelines is complete. Any associated engineering-related work proposed outside of WSDOT’s right-of-way and within Puyallup City Limits will require a separate civil engineering permit from the City. If future proposed work is wholly within the limits of WDOT’s right-of-way and not within the City’s shoreline, then no separate City permit will be required.

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Documents & Images

Date Uploaded File Type Name
03/08/2023 Plans Submittal Item Waiver
03/08/2023 Form Att_5_CricalAreaIDForm_signed
03/08/2023 Form 2023_0306_PuyallupSSDPCoverLetter_signed
06/12/2023 Form Att_1_SSDP APPLICATION FORM_signed (Flattened)
06/12/2023 Form Att_2_ProjectDescription_CodeReview_2023_0308 (Flattened)
08/21/2023 Plans Att_3_UPDATED_VicinityMap_SitePlans
06/12/2023 Other Att_9_ConceptualHydraulicReport (Flattened)
03/08/2023 Plans Att_10_Prelim_SW_Outfall_Detail_Puyallup
06/12/2023 Other Att_12_SSDPGeotechCoordEmail (Flattened)
08/22/2023 Report Att_8_UPDATED_TM_FloodplainImpactsandMitigation
06/12/2023 Plans Att_4_JARPAFigureExcerpts0 (Flattened)
06/12/2023 Report Att_6_WetlandStreamAssessmentReport0 (Flattened)
08/22/2023 Report Att_7_UPDATED_WetlandStreamMitigationPlan
03/09/2023 Other Att_11_DraftConceptualLandscapePlan
03/10/2023 Receipt Receipt for transaction:2023-000386
03/20/2023 Letter Notice of Incomplete Application
03/21/2023 Other NEPASEPA_2006_SR167_TierIIFEIS&Section4(f)Evaluation
03/21/2023 Other NEPASEPA_2007_SR167_TierIIRecordofDecision
06/12/2023 Other NEPASEPA_2018_SR167_Reevaluation (Flattened)
03/30/2023 Letter Determination of Completeness Letter
04/12/2023 PLSDP20230027 NOA Response - Squaxin Island Tribe Request for Documents 04122023
04/19/2023 PLSDP20230027 - WSDOT & Squaxin Request Copy of the Full Area of Potential Effect
04/27/2023 PLSDP20230027 NOA Response - Puyallup Tribe of Indians 04252023
04/28/2023 PLSDP20230027 - Copy of the Full Area of Potential Effect Correspondence WSDOT & Squaxin 04272023
05/12/2023 PLSDP20230027 - Public Comment Carolyn Warhol 05012023
06/12/2023 Letter DRT Letter
08/21/2023 Plans Att_10_UPDATED_Prelim_SW_Outfall_Detail_Puyallup
08/21/2023 Plans Att_14_CriticalAreaConsistencyMemo
08/21/2023 Plans Att_15_Section106_SHPOConcurrence
08/21/2023 Plans Att_16_Correspondence_re_drainage
08/21/2023 Letter 2023_0821_PuyallupSSDP_Resubmittal_CommentResponseLetter
08/22/2023 Report Att_6a_WSAR_Addendum
08/22/2023 Plans Att_17_PierceCountyOutfallReview
09/14/2023 Phase 1 Improvements of SR 167 Completion Project NEPA/SEPA Env. Re-Eval (Stage 2 Project)
09/14/2023 167_St2_ESA_USFW_NMFS_Final
10/04/2023 PLSDP20230027 - AFFIDAVIT OF NOTICE
10/19/2023 PLSDP20230027 - Final DRT Letter
10/19/2023 PLSDP20230027 - Permit Data Sheet 2023 (submitted 10192023)
10/23/2023 Ecology Filing - 10192023 | 2023-SWRO-7313_WSDOT

Should you need assistance, please contact the Permit Center at (253) 864-4165 option 1.