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Fortress Puyallup
Preliminary Site Plan
Preliminary Site Plan
Waiting for Conditions
Construct an approximately 135,900 square foot warehouse with truck loading bays and associated parking. Scope of work includes the demolition of the existing/remaining structures onsite. Project is required to go through industrial administrative design review and will include landscaping, storm water controls, utilities, and other site improvements as required.



Documents Returned For Corrections

Review Type Outcome Est. Completion Date Completed
Building Review No Comments 10/19/2023 10/05/2023
Engineering Traffic Review No Comments 10/19/2023 09/28/2023
Planning Review No Comments 10/19/2023 09/28/2023
Engineering Review No Comments 10/19/2023 09/18/2023
Fire Review No Comments 10/19/2023 09/11/2023
Planning Review Comments 07/27/2023 08/01/2023
Fire Review No Comments 07/27/2023 07/27/2023
Engineering Traffic Review Comments 07/27/2023 07/26/2023
Engineering Review Comments 07/27/2023 07/24/2023
Building Review Comments 07/27/2023 07/21/2023
Engineering Traffic Review Revisions Required 12/17/2022 01/27/2023
Planning Review Revisions Required 12/17/2022 01/03/2023
Engineering Review Revisions Required 12/17/2022 12/21/2022
Fire Review No Comments 12/17/2022 12/13/2022
Building Review Revisions Required 12/17/2022 12/06/2022


Paid Fees Amount Paid Owing Date Paid
SEPA Checklist Fee (with planning permit) $250.00 $250.00 Paid 10/26/2022
Preliminary Site Plan Fee $1,890.00 $1,890.00 Paid 10/26/2022
Outstanding Fees Amount Paid Owing Date Paid
No outstanding fees.

Application(s) will not be processed until outstanding fees have been paid in full.



There are no hearings for this planning application.


Condition Status Department Category Expiration Date Due Date
Sign Posted On Site Resolved Planning Division
: Sign Posted On Site must be provided.
Signed Affidavit Resolved Planning Division
: Signed Affidavit must be provided.
Miscellaneous Condition Open Development & Permitting Services Submit With Civil Permit Application
: A connection to the SSMH is not desired by the City, tap the main with a sewer saddle per city standard 04.02.01[site plan, pg 4]
Miscellaneous Condition Open Development & Permitting Services Submit With Civil Permit Application
: The backflow devices will need to be placed downstream of the water meters. [site plan, pg 4]
Miscellaneous Condition Open Development & Permitting Services Submit With Civil Permit Application
: Fill out right of way dedication and REETA forms found on the city website located here:
Miscellaneous Planning Condition Open Planning Division
: Staff is supportive of reducing the blank wall planter width along the south side of the building dependent upon mitigation in the form of CU-Structural plant soils (or equivalent) in a total soil volume equal to that which would have been provided if the full 15’ planter had been installed. Mitigation and installation details will be required at the time of civil permit approval. [planning]
Miscellaneous Condition Open Traffic Division Standard Conditions
: TRAFFIC ENGINEERING GENERAL CONDITIONS: Traffic Impact fees (TIF) will be assessed in accordance with fees adopted by ordinance, per PMC 21.10. Impact fees are subject to change and are adopted by ordinance. The applicant shall pay the proportionate impact fees adopted at the time of building permit application Park impact fees shall be charged based on size of building. Fees are assessed in accordance with fees adopted by ordinance, per PMC 21.10 Per Puyallup Municipal Code Section 11.08.135, the applicant/owner would be expected to construct half-street improvements including curb, gutter, planter strip, sidewalk, roadway base, pavement, and street lighting. Any existing improvements which are damaged now or during construction, or which do not meet current City Standards, shall be replaced. During Civil review, the design engineer must determine the required radius on the north side of intersection to allow inbound right trucks (SBR) to access site without encroaching into adjacent lane of (SB) traffic. Design of commercial driveway must follow conditions described in approved AMR (alternative methods request) document. PRAMR20230739 At the time of preliminary site plan review, the end user of this project was unknown. Given the significant variability of trip generation for this type of facility, the City required the applicant to evaluate (3) separate possible end users with different levels of intensity (Low, Med, High trip generation). At this time, the applicant maintains this facility will be used as a General Warehouse (ITE 150 LUC) and is assumed to generated vehicle trips at the lowest intensity. Based on comments received from other jurisdictions (WSDOT), additional analysis may be required if the end user differs from the current assumption (Low intensity trip generation). Furthermore, additional analysis may be necessary by the City of Puyallup if a higher intensity land use is proposed (Right/Left turn pocket warrant based on higher volume at single commercial access location).
Miscellaneous Planning Condition Open Planning Division Submit With Civil Permit Application
: The perimeter of all parking areas and associated access drives which abt public right-of-ways shall be screened with on-site landscaping, earth berms, fencing, or a combination of both. The berm will need to be detailed to accurately depict the berm elevation, fence, and plantings on the final landscape plan and submitted with the associated civil permit application.
Miscellaneous Planning Condition Resolved Planning Division Prior to Issuance
: Buildings cannot cross parcel lines even when owned by the same property owner. A lot combination will be required. Lot combinations are an administratively approved permit that also requires a review and recording with Pierce County.
Miscellaneous Planning Condition Open Planning Division Submit With Civil Permit Application
: The eastern (front) property line is required to have Type Id landscaping, which includes a berm and retaining wall system per the VMS (a graphic is provided in VMS Chapter 14.1). Slopes with a width to height ratio up to a maximum of three to one (3:1), not to exceed 6’, shall be used. With a 12' landscape buffer, the berm will be required to be 3' and include a retaining wall interior to the site. All plant materials shall follow Type 1a standards or PMC 20.26.500. Please include the Type Id landscaping along the eastern frontage in the final landscape plan as part of the civil application. Please call out the proposed wall and contours on the grading sheet or frontage plan in the civil plan set as well as the peak elevation. A building permit will be required for the retaining wall if it is 4' or higher.
Miscellaneous Planning Condition Resolved Planning Division

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PR20240618 Pending
PLLC20230108 Waiting for Conditions Lot Combination

Documents & Images

Date Uploaded File Type Name
10/26/2022 Other 240 - 15th St SE Industrial - Geotechnical Report
01/30/2023 Other P-21-0117 PRE APP NOTES(1_0) (Flattened)
08/01/2023 Other 00RPT-City of Puyallup-Site Plan Review-230601 (Flattened)
01/30/2023 Form Fortress Puyallup - Traffic Impact Analysis 10-20-22 (Flattened)
06/01/2023 Form SEPA_230530
09/07/2023 Study 22085-R-TIR-PRLM-2023-08-31
10/26/2022 Map Aerial SiteMap
09/07/2023 Plans 23-0829 SEPA-Design Review Plans
10/26/2022 Form Application form
10/26/2022 Receipt Receipt for transaction:2022-002152
10/26/2022 Letter Initial Submittal Incompleteness Letter (Generate/Send Initial Submittal Incompleteness Letter)
10/28/2022 Form Revised Design Review Application
01/30/2023 Drawing 290-LA-SEPA_22-1028 (Flattened)
01/30/2023 Drawing A2_00 - EXTERIOR ELEVATIONS4 (Flattened)
10/28/2022 Form Critical Area ID Form
11/02/2022 Letter Application Accepted Letter
11/21/2022 PLPSP20220155 NOA - DOE Comments 11212022
11/21/2022 PLPSP20220155 NOA - WSDOT Comments 11212022
01/18/2023 Study Fortress Puyallup - Traffic Impact Analysis - 1-13-23
01/27/2023 Study Fortress Puyallup - Traffic Impact Analysis - 1-13-23_CoP Comment
01/30/2023 PLPSP20220155 DRT Letter #1 01302023
08/01/2023 Other 00LTR-Fortress Puyallup Site Plan Review Response Letter-230601 (Flattened)
06/01/2023 Other 201910090363 Puget Sound Power Easement
08/01/2023 Other Prelim Site Plan Review application form_230526 (Flattened)
06/01/2023 Other Fortress Puyallup - TENW Response to WSDOT Comments
06/02/2023 Drawing A2_- EXTERIOR ELEVATIONS_230526
06/02/2023 Drawing 290-LA-SEPA_23-0526
06/02/2023 Other easement 1084061
06/02/2023 Other easement 8212150220
06/13/2023 Other 240 - 15th St SE Industrial - Geotechnical Report (unlocked)
08/01/2023 Other Early Submittal Waiver Form (Flattened)
08/01/2023 Letter DRT Letter
09/28/2023 AMR for Commercial Driveway Design & Location (approved)
09/29/2023 PLPSP20220155 - SEPA Determination Notice
09/29/2023 PLPSP20220155 SEPA Determination
10/05/2023 Letter Final DRT Letter
10/17/2023 SEPA DNS - 202304731 ECY Comments

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